Let's dispel the myths of hypnotherapy!

You are always in control, you can never get 'stuck' in hypnosis, you can never be made to do something which you do not wish to do!

Hypnotherapy has been practised for thousands of years and is one of the most successful ways of dealing with many or today's problems such as:

Weight Loss

New Gastric Band

 Smoking Cessation

Fears and Phobias



Sexual Problems
Exam Nerves/Driving Test
Alcohol Moderation/Cessation
Public Speaking
Self Esteem/Confidence Issues
Bad Habits - Nail biting/Snoring

and many more

In our everyday lives we often find ourselves in a 'trance' like state. How many times have you driven down the motorway only to find that you have gone further than you thought you had and do not remember passing a certain place? 

When we drive we do not consciously think about changing gears or depressing the clutch pedal as we have already learned to do so - in other words, we have been  'programmed' to do so and it becomes an automatic response mechanism.

This trance like state happens whilst in deep relaxation in hypnosis and we are able to 're-programme' the subconscious mind whilst the active, conscious mind 'switches off' thus allowing us to change our patterns of problematic behaviour.

Sometimes, one session is enough, but a free initial telephone consultation with you is required in order to assess your specific needs and suitable for Hypnotherapy. All consultations and treatments are conducted in a strictly professional and confidential manner and you will find me friendly and easy to talk to.


Weight Loss weight loss

I see many clients who have tried numerous yo-yo diets and who have maybe succeeded in losing weight for a while, only for it to pile back on. Re-programming the mind in order to look at food in a totally different way - how we eat, what portion size etc. is the key to weight loss.

For those people who wish to lose weight over a period of time re-programming works very well. Contact me to find out more!

Gastric Band Weight Loss - Now 10% Off gastric band weight loss

I practice Gastric Band Hypnotherapy - which effectively takes the patient through a Gastric Band operation under hypnosis. This is extremely powerful as a treatment and is used for people who have a lot more weight to lose. It has worked extremely well with my clients.

In order to have this sort of hypnotherapy, I need to have a counselling session with my client in order to ascertain that they realise what will be happening, and their commitment to it. Please call me for more information 

Quit Smoking! Call me today!
It is especially important to look after your lungs in this coronavirus pandemic as the virus attacks the lungs badly. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF 10%
OFF now!

There are many different ways of giving up smoking such as patches, drugs, willpower etc. However, hypnotherapy has proved to be one of the most effective ways of quitting smoking and my success rates are high.

Apart from health issues, the cost of smoking is very high,Smoking Cessation is a one-off session but I am also
available for 'top up' sessions if and when required. I have had
excellent results with many clients sending their friends to me too.

Stress Busting Days stress busting days

I work with business clients and offer Stress Busting Days which allow their employees to relax totally and renew their inner strengths for the job in hand. Stress is the biggest killer in society today and is one of the major contributors to heart attacks, strokes and indeed, cancer.

Learning how to relax is extremely important to our overall well-being. I will teach employees how to relax using Progressive Muscle Relaxation techniques which they will then be able to use as part of their everyday life. Please contact me for a quotation.

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